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About the Artist

Amelia Schremmer is a contemporary Australian artist, based in Sydney. The 20-something year old is a self taught painter, with acrylic paint being her medium of choice.

Amelia grew up in Sydney, Australia while also sporadically calling the Blue Mountains (NSW) home. Growing up as an only child with divorced parents, Amelia struggled with loneliness and instability from a young age. While experiencing chronic mental health issues, she has always had a strong passion for art and creativity, using it as a form of expression and ambition.

She dropped out of high school in 2016, but not before receiving a mark of 100% for her Visual Arts HSC Major Work. At the time, struggling with and recovering from addiction, she stopped creating art entirely. She then studied an Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communications and explored a career in the industry. It was not too long after that she decided a 9-5 office job just wasn't in her DNA and left lost and astray. Then Covid-19 hit.


As the world seemed to be crumbling at her feet, she decided during lockdown that while there was nothing else to do she might as well teach herself how to paint. Her love for art and creation was rekindled as she found a challenge that she was truly passionate about.

Her first completed painting in 2020 was 'Lady in the Pool' which she gifted to her mother as a birthday present in October. Following this, she continued to create and spent most of her savings on art supplies and materials to set up her own studio.

In 2021, with the world returning to a sense of normality, Amelia decided that she could either continue to be lost or find herself. With this, she decided to forge a career as a full-time artist. She now single-handedly owns and runs the business, aptly named, Amelia Schremmer. Using both her artistic and business skills, Amelia is following her dream. She feels content and ambitious about the future of the business and her life.

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